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Welcome to Pathway to Engineering!

Pathway to Engineering team
By: Pathway to Engineering team

Pathway to Engineering is a resource to connect engineering graduates to knowledge about the licensure process and create a community of professionals who can support them on their journey.

Feb 27, 2024

Engineers Canada is very proud to launch Pathway to Engineering: your one-stop information and community hub for beginning and completing the process of becoming an engineer in Canada.

We’ve built this site as a resource to help engineering graduates better understand the licensure process, grow their professional network, and understand the advantages to earning their P.Eng.

This is our first article in the Insights series, where we’ll be featuring firsthand accounts from engineers, aspiring engineers, and others in the profession as they share their stories and advice. We’ll also be hosting a quarterly webinar series called Exchanges to have real-time conversations about the engineering journey.

Together, these are resources to connect engineering graduates to knowledge about the licensure process and to create a community of professionals who can support you on your way. We provide information, events, and connections to help you at every step of the licensure process and beyond.

There’s something here for every step in the process. Need more information about why licensure is a big deal? We have you covered. Need a way to navigate the five-step process to becoming licensed? We have bulleted lists, tables, and tons of links to get you through. Trying to find programs, mentors, and peers? Check out our Mentorship page to set yourself up for success.

Engineering employers and educators

If you’re an engineering employer or educator, we’re excited you’re here. You play an important role in the engineering community. Whether you’re an employer who wants to grow talent within your company, or an educator helping launch young professionals into the profession, we want to help give you the information and tools to support the next generation of engineers. As part of the community, we’d like to keep you informed on what future engineers are looking for from employers and educators, and to create a space where you can engage with these future leaders. Connect with us to find out more about how you can get involved.

To new beginnings

True to the engineering process, we have double-checked our references, dotted our i’s and crossed our t’s, and reviewed our code. But engineering is not just static, one-and-done projects. It’s an evolving, diverse, growing profession made up of incredible people—without community, engineering has no problems to solve and no solutions to create.

Pathway to Engineering is at a wonderful beginning and we look forward to hearing from all of you, watching the community grow and evolve as we journey together. Email us with your ideas at and connect with us on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Tell us what topics you’d like us to dive into or which subjects you’d like to hear more about.

We’re incredibly excited to have you here and to begin growing this community with you.