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Educators and employers

Whether you are employing engineers as part of your business, or educating the next generation of professionals, you are a key participant in shaping the future of the engineering profession.


Pathway to Engineering will help you grow talent within your company by giving you information and tools to support your employees in becoming licensed engineers.

Licensed engineers offer companies a competitive advantage by delivering the highest quality products and services backed by the assurance of the P. Eng. designation. Attract the best talent and most motivated employees by taking advantage of engineering training programs.

We have resources to help you launch and improve mentorship programs and support your employees in becoming licensed.


As an educator, you are the first connection many aspiring engineers will have with the profession. The information you provide and the way you speak about the profession of engineering sets a tone that lasts with students for many years.

Pathway to Engineering can help you provide the best information for your students to set them up for success as a licensed engineer. Licensed engineers are trusted to take the lead in solving the complex problems of society, have better career prospects, and are offered more opportunities.