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About Pathway to Engineering

Pathway to Engineering is a resource to connect engineering graduates to knowledge about the licensure process and create a community of professionals who can support them on their journey. We provide information, events, and connections to help you at every step of the licensure process and beyond. 

We have outlined a variety of resources below based on your needs. Also be sure to keep up-to-date on the engineering profession through our newsletter, attending the webinars or other events, and reading the latest Articles.

Engineering students and graduates

If you’re an engineering student or graduate, then you already know the value of an engineering degree. The engineering profession needs skilled professionals who are committed to the highest level of skill and expertise. Getting your licence is the next step on your journey, one that opens doors for the future and equips you with the qualifications needed to take advantage of the best opportunities, whenever and wherever they arise. 

Engineers are liable for the products and outcomes of their work. Catering to a diverse society necessitates diversity of skilled professionals in engineering. All folks are welcome and needed to ensure that designs are reflective of the unique needs and nuances of the people that make up our society. The licensure process is designed to test and validate your knowledge, competencies, and willingness to ensure public safety. 

As you journey along this path, challenges and barriers are inevitable. These could be due to limited knowledge about the process and its intricacies, lack of opportunities, or even challenges from circumstances outside your control, such as the systemic barriers caused by social identity factors such as race, gender, (dis)ability and class. Engineering that serves everyone must be comprised of diverse professionals.


Licensed engineers offer companies a competitive advantage by delivering the highest quality products and services backed by the assurance of the P. Eng. designation. Furthermore, there are many situations in which only a licensed P. Eng. can legally provide the services your company may offer to clients.

Grow talent within your company by participating in mentorship and licensure programs, turning newly hired engineering graduates into highly skilled professionals that have benefitted from the knowledge and experience of their peers. 


As an educator, you are often the first connection aspiring engineers will have with the profession. The information you provide and the way you speak about the profession of engineering sets a tone that lasts with students for many years.

Inspire your students to reach for the highest level of professional engineering and set your students on the path to a rewarding career by preparing them for what it takes to achieve a professional designation (P.Eng.) and the right to call themself an engineer.